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It’s A British Thing is a foreigner’s guide to Britain.

In this guide, we unpick various aspects of British culture for the benefit of foreigners who are making or have made Britain their new home.

With a hint of satire, It’s A British Thing spells out the unwritten rules people live by in Great Britain and provides practical advice on everything from how to make a ‘proper’ cup of tea to how to ensure people come to your party.

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About the Editor

Winnie AgbonlahorThis guide has been set up by Winnie Agbonlahor, a seasoned journalist who has worked for publications including Reuters and the Times.

Originally from Germany, Winnie moved to the UK in 2006 to study journalism and Russian at the University of Sheffield.

She has experienced British student life while completing her four-year Bachelor’s degree, which also included an academic year in Russia, and British office culture while working as a reporter for the Nottingham Post, a regional daily newspaper, Civil Service World, the trade magazine for Britain’s senior government officials, and Britain’s national newspapers such as the Times, Telegraph, Guardian and Daily Mirror.

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English Lessons

Winnie is also a seasoned language tutor who teaches English, German and Russian.

In her free time, Winnie enjoys running, swimming, taking part in exercise classes and playing squash. She is also a horse enthusiast with a special interest in dressage.

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